Week 15 Preview: Bills-Seahawks

Bills football in December…in a dome. Something’s not right about that.

I think we can all agree that Sunday’s game was another embarrassment in a long line of embarrassing seasons for the Bills. It’s looking like Buffalo will be without playoff football for the 13th year in a row and there’s very little to be proud of at this point. The run defense is doing better but where was that in October when we really needed it? Mario Williams is performing now but, it’s way too late for that. However, as die-hard Bills fans, we know what to do because we’ve been doing it for over a decade. It’s time to pick ourselves back up and look forward to the next game.

This week the Bills travel to Toronto…for a home game. It still doesn’t make sense after 4 years. Anyways, the Seahawks are crossing the border as well, hot off their 58-0 bludgeoning of the Cardinals. Pete Carroll, another coach we let slip away, is leading his young team into a possible playoff berth behind rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson was drafted in the third round this year. The Bills took TJ Graham 6 spots before him. Wilson has proven himself to be an NFL starter, despite many questioning the Seahawks’ decision to draft him. He’s a good decision maker with a strong arm and he’s fast. I don’t know what other qualities you would want in a modern NFL quarterback. His stats are very similar to those of Ryan Fitzpatrick but it’s the intangible qualities that make him the better of the two.

Photo: US Presswire

Photo: US Presswire

Wilson has the ability to outsmart defenses with his roll outs on play action passes and with his vision to find seams in a defense. He can run the ball very well. He only averages 4.4 yards per attempt but it’s when he runs that is important. He doesn’t use it as a safety valve to avoid a sack like Fitzpatrick does. He uses it as an option in a designed play. Pete Carroll is known for shaking things up and calling games unconventionally and he found the perfect quarterback to do just that.

Marshawn LynchI don’t think I need to remind Bills fans of Seattle’s all star running back, Marshawn Lynch. Buffalo traded him to the Seahawks in 2010 for a couple draft picks, resulting in Chris Hairston and Tank Carder (make your own deductions from that information). The trade came just in time for Lynch to break out. Coming off an ankle injury, he scored his first touchdown of the year the week after the trade. Later that season, in his first ever playoff game, Lynch score the game winning touchdown on a 67 yard run. The following year he made the Pro Bowl, replacing Frank Gore after he dropped out with an injury. Right now he has well over 1,000 yards for the 4th time in his career and, even with a nagging back injury, is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s needless to say that Marshawn Lynch was the one that got away. He was originally traded to make room for rising star, Fred Jackson and the recently drafted CJ Spiller. The trainers also thought his ankle injury suffered in pre-season was enough to keep him on the bench for a while. That, like many of the Bills’ personnel changes over the past decade, is about to blow up in their faces. Even the newly reformed run defense is no match for the one they call “Beast Mode”.

Bills Toronto Series


Besides their break-out rookie QB, a brilliant running back and a coach willing to take chances, the Seahawks also have a very fast receiving crew, a tenacious defense and a shot at the playoffs. This is a bad match up for the nothing-to-lose Bills. Sunday’s contest at the RogersCenter is basically a road game in home uniforms. The Bills have been performing much worse outside of the Ralph (if that’s possible) and have yet to beat a team with a winning record on the road. I’d say, bring in the back ups and let’s see what they can do. While you’re at it, let’s have a 5 year old coach the team. His decisions would be less erratic than Gailey’s. Buckle up folks, we’re about to witness the 13th straight season without playoff football in Buffalo.

– Josh Paufler

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