Canadian Bacon: Bills-Seahawks Recap

Chan Gailey got fried in Toronto on Sunday.

Chan Gailey got fried in Toronto on Sunday.

As the Bills prepared for the game against Seattle; Chan Gailey talked about being mathematically eligible for the playoffs. He cited that the team needed to be focused and needed to leave nothing on the table. Even though it was slim, there was still a chance to sneak into the playoffs. Whatever opening the Bills had, the Seahawks slammed the door shut on it. The Bills, who played their annual home (but really away) game in Toronto, were completely embarrassed by the Seahawks to the tune of 50-17. The Bills are now 1-4 with the Toronto experiment, but at least Ralph Wilson is $78 million richer because of it.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Russell, there is a Santa Claus.
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The defense, which has made some strides in recent weeks, was totally dismantled by rookie sensation Russell Wilson. From the beginning series, the defense could not contain Wilson and the read option offense. Wilson waltzed in on a 14 yard run to go up 7-0. After Wilson scored on a 24 yard touchdown to go up 14-0, the Bills defensive players showed frustration and were yelling at each other on the field and sidelines. It was as though the Bills were not prepared to contain Wilson and did not properly stay within their lanes which allowed huge runs from both Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. Lynch, playing in his first game against his former team, gained 113 yards on 10 carries and 1 touchdown. He didn’t have to turn on beast mode today because Wilson was the beast. Wilson gained 92 yards on 9 carries and had 3 rushing touchdowns. He also passed for 205 yards and 1 touchdown including a flea flicker pass for 44 yards to Golden Tate. While the Seahawks offense was clicking the Bills offense was sputtering.

CJ and Chandler

Spiller put in a great game but it wasn’t enough to keep the Bills afloat.

Coming into the game, Ryan Fitzpatrick had been borderline horrible and he didn’t disappoint today. Fitzpatrick had a decent first half with one touchdown pass to Stevie Johnson and a late drive to score a field goal to be down 31-17 at halftime. After that, he became the turnover prone quarterback that we have become accustomed to. During the third quarter alone, he allowed three turnovers on three possessions. He threw two interceptions (one run back for a touchdown) and a fumble. The Seahawks converted the turnovers to 16 points and never looked back from there. The Bills special teams did block an extra point to show that they had some life in them. However, Fitzpatrick did his best to make sure it didn’t matter.

Please put this guy out of his misery.Photo: Rick Stewart

Please put this guy out of his misery.
Photo: Rick Stewart

During the third quarter, Gailey and Fitzpatrick did one of the most stupid play calls I have ever seen. They called a quarterback sneak on first and 10. Down 37-17, who in the right mind calls for a quarterback sneak? Did Chan Gailey think it was 3rd and 1 and Fitzpatrick wasn’t allowed to audible out of the play? This is another play in which they took a carry away from CJ Spiller. A couple plays later, Fitzpatrick was stripped, sacked and lost the fumble which allowed the Seahawks to kick a field goal. The following possession, Fitzpatrick threw an interception that was at least 10 feet over Scott Chandler’s head. The worst part is that Scott Chandler is 6’7” tall. How you overthrow him by that much is beyond anyone. That pass was intercepted by Earl Thomas and he bobbed and weaved for a 57 yard touchdown.

There were a couple bright spots today on offense as CJ spiller gained 103 yards and surpassed 1,000 yards on the season. He reached the 1,000 yard plateau with second least amount of carries for a running back that have passed 1,000 yards on the season in the history of the NFL. Also, Stevie Johnson had a great game with 115 yards on 8 receptions and 1 touchdown. He also made a highlight reel one handed leaping catch.

Gailey's reaction (or lack there of) to the fake punt. Same reaction to everything. (FOX Sports)

Gailey’s reaction (or lack there of) to the fake punt. Same reaction to everything. (FOX Sports)

During the 4th quarter, Pete Carroll, Seahawks head coach, called a fake punt on 4th and 4 for a gain of 29 yards. I, for one, applaud the move because it builds a case to FIRE CHAN GAILEY. For Chan Gailey to be fired, the Bills management needs to be completely embarrassed by the actions on the field and the incompetency of the coach. As coach of the Bills, Gailey is now 15-31 and this year has been a train wreck. The highly touted defense is on pace to become the worst scoring defense in Bills history.

This is how we felt when our Canadian "fans" were cheering for Seattle.

This is how we felt when our Canadian “fans” were cheering for Seattle.

With only two games left in the season, all Bills players and coaches don’t have the playoffs to look forward to, but their livelihoods. In a season where the Bills are one of the laughingstocks of the league, change is demanded and keeping the status quo will not fly with the fan base or media. Maybe, just maybe, that fake punt sealed the fate of Chan Gailey, or better yet, that quarterback sneak on first down when down by 20 points.

Next week the Bills face off against the Miami Dolphins in Miami. The Dolphins are coming in with a quality win over the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-3.

– Johnny Devine

Final Score: 50-17   Bills Record: 5-9

Note: The Bills are officially eliminated from the playoffs for the 13th straight season.


One thought on “Canadian Bacon: Bills-Seahawks Recap

  1. I would cheer for the Seahawks too. That’s what Vancouver Canadians do. They put on a show, they’re moving in the right direction. Their coach knows football and has an energy that radiates to his players. Jauron was a corpse but Gailey is no better

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