Week 17 Preview: Bills-Jets

Merry Christmas other teams!

Merry Christmas other teams!

It’s almost over, Bills fans. At this point it’s only us hardcore fans following the team during garbage time but, we’re used to it this time of year. The thing we aren’t used to is playing the Jets in a completely meaningless game. Both Buffalo and New (Jersey) York are out of playoff contention and have totally fallen apart. The Jets originally made the decision to start Greg McElroy at quarterback. Until both Sanchez and Tebow proved to be useless this season, few had heard of McElroy. The Jets drafted him in the 7th round this year out of Alabama where he led his team to 10-3 and a bowl victory. However, it was revealed Thursday morning that McElroy was hiding symptoms of a concussion suffered in last week’s loss to the Chargers. Playing on the safe side, and by the rules, the Jets announced that a familiar face, Mark Sanchez, will be back at the helm come Sunday. With the way he’s been playing, this could be good news for a Bills team starving for something to hang on to.

Photo: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Photo: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

But, it’s hard to forget that opening day massacre in the Meadowlands. If you’ve already blocked it from your memory, let’s bring that back up. In early September, the Jets put a hurting on the optimistic Bills to the tune of 48-28. The score doesn’t truly reflect how one-sided the game was. Sanchez threw for 3 touchdowns and 266 yards. So much for that “super” pass rush. The Bills gave up 118 yards to mediocre rushers. So much for that awesome run defense. Fitzpatrick threw 3 interceptions, proving to be the difference in the game. So much for him learning from his mistakes. Only two good things could be taken from that game. There were no sacks and CJ Spiller racked up 169 yard and a touchdown. Right there, Spiller should have been named the starter and given 20 carries a game. Ah, what could have been. From that point on, the Bills spiraled out of control and never corrected the mistakes that were so glaring to both their fans and the media.

There’s not much to get excited about going into this game, but I’ll try. Spiller is looking to add to his already career high rushing season. Rex Ryan stated this week that he will welcome being fired if the Jets’ passing game doesn’t improve. It’s always fun to watch him lose it on the sidelines. Mark Sanchez is horrible and should be good for at least a couple picks. Although we are seeing the longest playoff drought in NFL history extended, we’ll also be able to watch the Jets miss the playoffs, which is always uplifting. Lastly, we may (hopefully) be watching the final game featuring the dynamic duds of Fitzpatrick and Gailey. See? It’s not completely negative, it’s just Buffalo football in December. As I’ve said, we’re used to it.

– Josh Paufler

The game is blacked out locally so join us at BuffSports and listen to Murph and Kelso on WGR550 at 1pm Sunday.

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