Russ Brandon Named CEO, Starts Looking for New Coach

Russ Brandon: New President and CEO of the Buffalo BillsYesterday, the entire Bills coaching staff, including head coach Chan Gailey, was released in a mass firing that came as no shock to most fans. Today it was announced that Russ Brandon has been promoted to President and CEO of the Buffalo Bills, replacing the 94 year old owner, Ralph Wilson Jr. It is still unclear the role Buddy Nix will play in the organization but, for now, he is still the General Manager. It is speculated that Brandon will take on a bigger role in regard to football operations and, apparently, he will answer only to Ralph Wilson. This is good and bad. It’s nice to see the Bills retaining some part of the front office and promoting from within. Brandon has done a lot for the Bills as far as marketing and promotions and has pretty much sold a product nobody wanted for years. It’s also nice to see Ralph Wilson finally step aside as he’s become increasingly out of touch with the team. However, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to put a business man in charge of football operations. I can see another T.O. type pickup coming just to sell tickets because that’s what businessmen think is “good football”. On the other hand, Brandon has been with the team for 16 years and may be looking to prove himself to the fans as President. If that’s the case, he’ll be trying to make moves that Bills fans have been griping about like bringing in a big name coach and a young hot-shot QB. It was said that Brandon will be in charge of picking the Bills next head coach.

Brandon has already said that he’s interested in Ken Whisenhunt, the recently fired coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Whisenhunt is an offensive coach like Gailey and a losing coach as well.

For now, the future is looking up at One Bills Drive. Let’s hope Russ Brandon is the guy to lead this team back to glory.

– Josh Paufler


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